Enriching Lives through the Creation of New Values

Throughout the years,the primary goal of Kohshin Rubber has been to contribute to the lives of its customers.Accordingly,we have made every effort to develop products that precisely answer market demand,keeping a careful eye on current trends.

Amid market diversification,an increased demand for high-quality products,and more diversity in taste,manufacturers,whose job it is to answer market demand,are required to be more flexible and better able to adapt to changing circumstances.Our company slogan,"imagine and create,"is a reflection of our determination to create new values by fully utilizing our imagination as well as our ability to act and our willingness to break from tradition.All this is possible thanks to our broad vision,allowing us to notice trends.Because our customers highly appreciate and support our ideas in product development,our rubber and vinyl products are widely used in many different sectors of society,from households to manufacturers.Kohshin Rubber has been the No.1 manufacturer and seller of rubber boots in Japan since its foundation.

President. Hidemasa Nishii

Kohshin Rubber deals mainly in two areas of products:footwear/rainwear and manufactured products,which produces manufacturing- and industry-related products.Our main products in footwear/rainwear are used mainly for business purposes and include various boots,safety sneakers,and rubber shoes made specifically for the food industry.We also offer rubber boots and other shoes for leisure and sports as well as rainwear,aprons,and gloves for industrial and home use.Manufacturing-related products include a variety of rubber and plastic hoses used for civil engineering,agricultural,medical,and food-related purposes.Industry-related products are also varied and includes waterproof sheets and film.

Kohshin Rubber will continue its contributions toward creating a rich society by providing innovative products that are both consumer and environment friendly and developing products that are more useful in daily life.